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Advanced Systems Research

Welcome to the Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research.
  The LASR Laboratory is located in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Los Angeles
(UCLA).  Our research focus is on active networks, network security, operating systems, file systems, distributed systems, and systems support for mobile computing and wireless networks.

The Laboratory's research programs are guided by:

Dr. Peter Reiher, adjunct professor at UCLA.  Developer of system software for networks and distributed environments for over twenty years, including naming systems, replicated file systems, systems for secure collaboration over insecure networks, systems for defense against network-level attacks, and ubiquitous computing systems..

Current LASR Research Projects Include:

Successfully Completed LASR Research Projects Include:

  • Facets: Exploring Semantic Equivalence of Files to Improve Storage Systems: (2011-2015 collaboration with Florida State University) [NSF]
  • Kalipers-Deep Energy Inspection of Operating System Components: (2011-2014) [NSF]
  • Deter:  Hands-On Exercises on Deter Testbed for Security Education (2009-2011 collaboration with USC/ISI)  [NSF]
  • Data Tethers:  Preventing Sensitive Data from Loss and Theft (2008-2011) [NSF]
  • Dissuade:  Controlling Applications by Managing Network Characteristics (2007-2011) [NSF]
  •  RAD:   Enabling Routers to Detect & Filter Spoofed Traffic (2007-2010 collaboration with USC/ISI) [NSF]
  • Panoply:   Enabling Safe Ubiquitous Computing Environments (2004-2008)  [NSF]
  • Conquest-2:  Improving Energy Efficiency & Performance Through a Disk/RAM Hybrid File System (2004-2007 collaboration with Florida State University) [NSF]
  • DefCOM:  Distributed Defense Against DDoS Attacks (2004-2007 collaboration with Univ. Delaware) [NSF]
  • Benchmarks for DDoS Defense Evaluation  (2005-2007 subcontract from Univ. Delaware) [HSARPA]
  • Conquest:  Persistent Solid State Memory (2001-2003) [NSF]
  • D-Ward:  DDoS Network Attack Recognition and Defense (2001-2004)  [DARPA]
  • FLAPPS:  Forwarding Layer for Application-Level Peer-to-Peer Services (2002-2004) [DARPA]
  • SAVE:  Source Address Validation Enforcement (1999-2003) [NSF]
  • Using IXA:  In Support of Router Security Enhancements (2003)  [Intel Corp.]
  • Panda:   Peer Agent Negotiation and Deployment of Adapters (1998-2002)  [DARPA]
  • File Profiling:  Insider Threats (2000-2002) [DARPA]
  • Darwin:  Improved Data Accessibility for Mobile Computers Through Predictive Methods (1998-2001) [NSF]
  • Travler:  Transparent Virtual Mobile Environment (1994-1999) [DARPA]
  • Rumor:  User-Level Replication (under Travler project) [DARPA]
  • ROAM:  Replication for Mobile Environments (under Travler project) [DARPA]
  • Truffles:  Secure, Bilateral, Replicated Distributed Filing (1992-1995) [DARPA]
  • Ficus:   Large-Scale Filing & Data Management Environments (1991-1996)  [DARPA]

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