July 23, 2002

 To be held in conjunction with the Eleventh IEEE International
Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-11), July 24-26, 2002 and the Global Grid Forum (GGF) July 22-24,  2002, 
Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Program for AMS 2002.

Registration for AMS 2002 can be submitted by surface mail, fax, or electronic mail. Details are on the registration form. The deadline for registration for the conference is July 12, 2002.
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If you are also attending HPDC-11, you can arrange accomodations on-line

If you are attending AMS only and need housing arrangements, contact Julie Wulf and/or Clare Spartz and provide them with the required dates, a credit card number, and other pertinent information as soon as possible. Their email addresses are and Ms. Wulf can also be contacted by telephone at (630) 252-7163. The deadline for obtaining hotel accomodations through the Global Grid Forum is June 18, 2002.

C. S. Raghavendra, University of Southern California

Peter Reiher,
3564 Boelter Hall
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Vaduvur Bharghavan, University of Illinois 
Salim Hariri, University of Arizona 
Constantine Polychronopoulos, University of Illinois 
C. S. Raghavendra, University of Southern California
Craig Lee, The Aerospace Corporation

Micah Beck, University of Tennessee 
Kirstie Bellman, The Aerospace Corporation 
Steve Berson, ISI/USC
Rajkumar Buyya, Monash University, Australia 
Munehiro Fukuda, Tsukuba University, Japan 
Virginie Galtier, LORIA - Universite Henri Poincare
Salim Hariri, University of Arizona 
Geoffrey Kuenning, Harvey Mudd College
Craig Lee, The Aerospace Corporation
Laurent Lefèvre, RESAM/INRIA
Douglas Maughan, DARPA
Kevin Mills, NIST 
Hilarie Orman, Volera
Manish Parashar, Rutgers University
Constantine Polychronopoulos, University of Illinois 
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Jon Weissman, University of Minnesota
Raj Yavatkar, Intel Corporation

Sponsored by:
  • National Science Foundation
  • University of Southern California 
  • Center for Advanced TeleSysMatics (CAT), University of Arizona 
  • Other sponsorship pending 
Open network architectures and active network technologies offer new opportunities to provide better networking services.  But the increasing complexity of networks that comes along with active technologies requires additional support for application developers and users.  Middleware will play a crucial role in the degree to which active technologies achieve their full potential.  This workshop will bring together leading researchers in the field of middleware for active technologies and allow them to discuss the difficult issues in that field.  Researchers in related areas, such as proxies, middleware for electronic commerce, distributed component systems, and intelligent routers and switches are also welcome to add their expertise to the discussions.

The scope of the workshop includes the following and other related areas:

  • Agent systems and scout systems 
  • Middleware to support development and debugging of applications for active networks
  • Middleware to allow cooperative use of multiple proxies
  • Programmable and active networks
  • Data-driven network applications
  • Service dissemination and discovery protocols
  • Network storage systems leveraging active technology
  • Environments and algorithms for agent application development 
  • Proxies and middleware for deploying remote agents
  • Runtime support for intelligent, adaptive agents 
  • Heterogeneous active environments
  • Security services for applications in active environments
  • Middleware for improving the security and resiliency of active environments
  • Active networks and storage as integral grid computing resources 
  • Programming paradigms, applications, and requirements for active grids 
  • Middleware for administering active networks
  • Middleware to support alternate routing strategies
  • Middleware to support QoS guarantees in active networks