Measuring the Quality of Service of Optimistic Replication

Geoffrey H. Kuenning
Harvey Mudd College

Richard Guy
UCLA, Parallel Computing Laboratory

Gerald J. Popek , Peter Reiher , and An-I Andy Wang
UCLA, The Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research


Optimistic replication has become an important tool in modern systems, allowing both read-only and read-write object accesses to continue even in the face of network outages and disconnected mobile computing. The quality of service delivered to a user by an optimistic system has traditionally been measured in terms of the rate of conflicting updates. We show that this measure does not accurately assess the user's requirements, and propose new criteria for evaluating optimistically replicated systems. (full paper in html)


Geoffrey H. Kuenning, Richard G Guy, Gerald J. Popek, Peter Reiher, An-I Andy Wang. Measuring the Quality of Service of Optimistic Replication. Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP) Workshop on Mobility and Replication, Brussels, Belgium, July 1998.

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