A Simulation Evaluation of Optimistically Replicated Filing in Mobile Environments

An-I Andy Wang and Peter Reiher
UCLA, The Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research

Rajive L. Bagrodia
UCLA, Parallel Computing Laboratory


Optimistic replication of data is becoming increasingly popular in mobile environments, but its performance and scaling characteristics are not well understood. This paper presents a simulation evaluation of optimistically replicated filing in a mobile environment. We first compare full and selective optimistic replication systems to capture the properties required for scaling. We then show that the presence of portable computers in optimistically replicated filing systems achieves a 60-percent cost reduction (e.g., computing resources) with only a 10-percent degradation of service quality (e.g., consistency of data perceived by users). This finding reveals certain similarities between the network disconnection interval and frequency of data synchronization. The research suggests new guidelines for design of optimistic replication systems.


An-I Andy Wang, Peter Reiher, Rajive Bagrodia. A Simulation Evaluation of Optimistically Replicated Filing in Mobile Environments. Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Performance, Computing, and Communication Conference (IPCCC) , Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, February 1999.
< http://lasr.cs.ucla.edu/awang/papers/ipccc1999a.html>

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