FMG/Ficus Publications

Click on the following current members of FMG to view their publications:
Gerald Popek Principal Investigator
Vincent Ferreria Graduate student
Richard Guy Associate Technical Manager
Geoff Kuenning Postdoctoral Researcher
Hilbert Jun Li Graduate student
Wilkie Ma Undergraduate programmer
Peter Reiher Co-Principal Investigator
Alexey Rudenko Graduate student
Kai-Min Sung System Administrator
Mitchell Tsai Graduate student
Andy Wang Graduate student
Mark Yarvis Graduate student

Click on the following  former members of the FMG to view their publications:
Ashvin Goel Graduated (MS); now a Ph.D. student at the Oregon Graduate Institute
Michial Gunter Graduate student (on leave)
John Heidemann Graduated (Ph.D); now working at USC/Information Sciences Institue
Ted Kim Graduated (Ph.D); now working at Sun Microsystems
Wai Mak Staff Programmer; now working in Hong Kong
Sugata Mukhopadhyay Graduated (MS); now a Ph.D student at Cornell
Tom Page Co-Principal Investigator; now on the faculty of Ohio State
David Ratner Graduated (Ph.D); now working at
Dieter Rothmeier Staff programmer; now working at Auspex
John Saldanha Postdoctoral Researcher; now working at Platinum technology
Greg Skinner Staff Programmer; now working at DEC NSL
John R. Salomone Graduated (M.S.); now working at .
Jeff Weidner Graduated (M.S.); now working at Energy Interactive

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Last modified: August 7, 1998