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NOTE: Please do not report bugs against older versions of ispell that are not listed in the drop-down "version" box below. Instead, you should first download the current version from the ispell home page and see whether the bug has long since been fixed. This applies in particular to Debian users; for inexplicable reasons the Debian maintainers insist on distributing an edition of ispell that dates back to (I kid you not) October of 1995. If you have problems with that version, please contact the Debian maintainers and gently explain to them that you find their behavior unacceptable.

Your E-Mail Address:
One-Line Summary of the Problem (NOT "Ispell bug," please):
I use Ispell from Emacs. I think this is an Emacs-related bug.
System Type and Version (HP, Solaris 2.0, Ultrix, Alpha, ...):
Ispell version in use:
Problem occurs during:

If possible, please insert a copy of either your local.h file (if you built ispell yourself), or the output of "ispell -vv", in this box, using cut-and-paste operations.

Please describe your problem in more detail, using as much space as necessary. It will help if you can include copies of relevant output.

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