Kevin Eustice, Ph.D.

My current resume/CV is available here (PDF).

If you're interested in the Smart Party, the paper is available here. The presentation from CCNC is also available, and our Smart Party poster is here. The Smart Party was built using Panoply, our ubiquitous computing framework. For more information on Panoply, check out the Panoply website.

Graduate Research

My research interests are ubiquitous and mobile computing, intelligent environments, social computing, computer security, and human-computer interactions. My passion is technology-mediated social interactions in physical spaces.

Over the last few years, I have worked on a variety of different projects including file system activity tracing, Linux kernel internals, adaptive video over active networks, computer security, and natural language-based text analysis.

My current dissertation work is in ubiquitous computing, developing the Panoply middleware, and its underlying organizational model, Spheres of Influence. The Spheres of Influence model is a software abstraction used to represent devices and clusters of devices. Spheres serve to scope data, event, and control flow. Spheres can represent physical locations and the device within as easily as virtual groupings such as organizations. Linkages between spheres are used as context to customize content flow and personalize user experience based on locality, membership, etc. One of our applications, the Smart Party, demonstrates coordination among groups of devices through the formation of collaboration spheres.

This work is Linux-based and OSS.

For my publications listing, please see my CV.

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