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Java Links

The Java Language Specification
Java(TM) SE Platform Documentation
Documentation & Training
Package Index

Linux Links

The Linux Information (HOWTOs, etc,)
The Linux Documentation Project - Recent Updates
Linux Links: Software : Multimedia
About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org

Open Architecture Links

National Institute of Standards and Technology, AN Management
USC AN Projects
Network Associates to develop adaptive authentication for DARPA
NAI Labs AN Security

Planning Links

Planning and Scheduling Bibliography
Planning links
CS360: Lecture Notes
Resource-Bounded Reasoning -- Publications
Hierarchical Planning in a Distributed Environment
Recent Publications and Talks of Pei Cao
Topics: Planning
AiS Publications 1997 - 1999: AI, Robotics, etc.
Dr. David J. Musliner
IC-Parc Publications

Research Links

Flexible Open Caching for the Web
Brian Davison's Web-Caching Bibliography
International conferences
Recent Papers and Proposals on Congestion Control
Congestion Control for Best-Effort Service
Dynamic Load Balancing
RFCs in HTML Format

Job Hunting Links

Nathan Associates
Chronicle of higher education
Computer Job LA
Job Star
LA Careers


Download Software
CMPlayer Version 4.0
MPEG-Archive Unix
Various MPEG-Animations
Download MpegTV Plug-in 1.0 for Unix
Bandwidth Speed Test Results
List of Colors
Melvyl Homepage

Russian Stuff

History Page
Literatura again
SovInformBureau: Russify Everything Библиотека Максима Мошкова Biblioteka Maksima Moshkova
BRATVA Common Sites, Inc.