That is what I like to do for fun

Traveling - very unique isn't it? Probably some day I will add a couple of photos with me travelling somewhere far away to this Web site. Before it happens, however, apply your imagination when necessary. Anyway, I insist on my love to travels and, so far, I visited Mexico, Canada, Israel, China, and, I don't know whether it counts or not, I spent some marvelous hours in London City waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv. Imagine, the end of December, rain and snow, 40 degrees by Fahrenheit, it is still the warmest memories of mine, br-r.

The most impressive trip is to China of course, watch here how to get visa. I visited Bejing, Xian, Dung Huang, and Shanghai. It is where you get the impression that the world is big and magnificent.

However, if you want to see something extraordinary, you do not have to go as far as I did. Just go to Ucatan, Mexico, and that can be a lifetime experience! Just learn a couple of dozens of Spanish words, or else three thousand if possible.

Camping - live in LA and not try to escape once an a while to the bosom of nature (with 10,000 of other crazy folks)? Don't be silly, just do it. If you do not have imagination, visit Sequoia or Yosimite and that is pretty much enough to grasp the point. If you do… Well. You may try to visit the desert near Lancaster and stay there for a night or two. Summer or winter, you will hear wild call anyway. But, if you are really a bull and want to visit the world in its most shaky moments, visit Death Valley in August. I can tell you, I tried twice… successlessly. A car with airconditioning, a motel in Beaty, Nevada, yeah, it was not really a camping. Thus, the picture was not complete. Well, still trying.

Shooting - God bless America! If you want to learn firearms, possess them, fire them, all that legally, and what is the most magnificent, you do not have to, if do not want to, it is the place to be. Well, some places of Lancaster desert are nicely covered with empty cartridges not without my help. During last years semi-automatic Russian rifles became rare and expensive, so I am still looking for some decent barrel.

Windsurfing/sailing - If you are student of UCLA, it is the best chance of your life to try these sports on their recreation classes in UCLA Marina Aquatic Center. Cheap and decent. You can feel yourself a Wolf Larsen after a couple of weekends. Good luck, if you listen to advices.

Swing - Derby's, Derby's… Nice place for jazz music and socializing, well, and for dancing too. They give free lessons from 8pm to 9pm, just take some, and than you are a king of a dance club, just kidding. Some old boys come there quite often, you can't compete with them.

Salsa is beautiful too, but it is hard to learn it taking free lessons. I would recommend 3d Street Dance Studio; they give good lessons for your money. However, it is worth everything if you learn it. You will never feel lonely, or frustrated, or stressed out. Salsa and swing (well try lindy too, I was not lucky to get it right) will be the remedy for your spirit through using your legs for your entire life…

Literature experiences - Click here.

What? Where? When? (WWW) - it's a game. Players are divided on teams, 6 people each. Each team has a name and a captain. A speaker asks questions of Jeopardy style. The teams have one minute to find an answer to a question using brainstorming techniques. The role of a team captain to lead the discussion and to take the final responsibility for the choosing the most probable answer of all offered by other team members.

The questions are of moderate difficulty. For example:

    1. What sort of change was not done by Chinese authorities in Hong Hong after the unification of the country because of its high cost? Answer: Street traffic remained left-side as in UK
    2. In England of 16 century playing golf was forbidden because English liked golf so much that they spent less time doing the sport more important for the national defence. What was the sport? Answer: Archery

Some questions require knowledge and logical thinking; very often questions require sence of humor. I am a captain of one of the teams of WWWLA Club. We regularly play championships with other teams from San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, and Chicago. A couple of times we took second prizes in American games.