Janice Martin-Wheeler

Janice has been with the UCLA Computer Science Department's Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research (LASR) since 1994. She is an assistant to principal investigators Peter Reiher and Leonard Kleinrock, and  also assists several other PIs and the department itself on an ad hoc basis.

Janice is responsible for the administration of grants and timely submission of new proposals, and also for financial forecasts and expenditure calculations.  She edits nearly all project reports, proposal sections, technical papers, and Ph.D theses for several faculty members and their graduate students . . . something that often requires  substantial rewrites.  Janice is also responsible for writing and editing the department's annual report and for putting together news items for the department's website.

Prior to joining LASR, Janice worked for a major aerospace company and for several small software development firms. She holds a bachelor's degree (English literature) from Loyola-Marymount University, and for several years was the editor for Cascade Pass, a Los Angeles-based  publisher of children's books.