The Disney Approach To Adapting the Classics

I've always felt that "Macbeth" is a natural for Disney. They could even re-use some songs from their previous films, with perhaps a few minor lyric alterations. For example Macbeth and his wife could sing "Be Our Guest" during the murder of Duncan -

	"Kill our guest,
	 Kill our guest!
	 Watch us stab 
	 Into your chest!
	 We so sorry that we woke you,
	 But it's truly for the best.

	 Don't resist,
	 Don't fight back,
	 Just accept 
	 Another hack,
	 Slump your body to the floor, so
	 We can hack away your torso.

	 Ravaged throat,
	 Severed spine,
	 Soon your kingdom
	 Will be mine!
	 Three weird sisters said so,
	 Aren't you impressed?
	 Who would have thought such gore
	 From out of you could pour?
	 So stab our guest,
	 Hack our guest,
	 Kill our guest!"

Malcolm could sing to his men "Can You Move the Wood Tonight," and Banquo's ghost could serenade Macbeth with "You've Never Killed a Friend Like Me."

Well, it might work better than "The Hunchback of Notre Dame Lite," at least.
Last modified: Fri Sep 16 1994