Peter Reiher's Home Page

I am an adjunct professor at UCLA.

I am the principal investigator for several research projects. They include:

I am a co-author on a book on Internet denial of service attacks and defenses. The other authors are Jelena Mirkovic, Sven Dietrich, and David Dittrich.

My research interests include systems and network security, mobile computing, file systems, distributed operating systems, ubiquitous computing, and parallel discrete event simulation.

My previous projects at UCLA include a project on measuring and improving the power use by various elements of the operating system (joint with Dr. William Kaiser of the Electrical Engineering department), a project on improving the secure of legacy wireless medical devices (joint with Dr. Majid Sarrafzadeh), the Dissuade project (on controlling network characteristics to manage a local area network, joint with Dr. Leonard Kleinrock), the Data Tethers project (using taint tracking in the operating system to prevent data loss), the Panoply project (a project on middleware for ubiquitous computing, joint with Dr. Leonard Kleinrock and Dr. Gerald Popek), Conquest 2, (a file system project on new techniques to save power for file system operations, joint with Prof. An-I Wang at Florida State University), the DefCOM project (a distributed defense against DDoS attacks), a collaborative project on measuring DDoS attack effectiveness and developing testbed tools to experiment with DDoS attacks, the FLAPPS project (a toolkit for building peer applications), the D-WARD project (a source-side defense system for distributed denial of service attacks), the SAVE project (investigating methods of handling IP spoofing, joint with Dr. Lixia Zhang), the Panda project (middleware supporting active networks), the Conquest project (less complexity and better performance for file systems by using abundant persistent main memory), the Travler project (support for mobile computing, joint with Dr. Kleinrock, Dr. Popek, and Dr. Mario Gerla), the Ficus project and Rumor project (replicated file systems, joint with Dr. Popek) and the Truffles project (secure replicated file systems, joint with Dr. Popek).

Long ago, I also worked on the Time Warp Operating System project while I was at JPL. The Time Warp project developed an optimistic parallel discrete event simulation engine. The last released version of that software is available from UCLA's FTP archive. If you have questions about this subject not answered by the information provided, I'll be happy to try to answer them.

Several of my publications are available on-line. Others aren't available in electronic form, including some of those related to the Time Warp Operating System. If you want those, get in touch with me.

I am the UCLA campus representative for USENIX. USENIX provides many useful benefits to students, including low-price membership, stipends to attend conferences, and research support. Check out their Student Outrearch Program.

Apart from my research, I'm quite interested in film. I have some rather old movie reviews that I used to post to the net, and some other miscellaneous writings about film, if you're interested.

I have discontinued the summer blockbuster contest that I ran for many years, due to lack of entries. This contest involved predicting the summer grosses of big Hollywood films. Results from past runs of the contest are still available.

For the cat lovers among you, here are some pictures of my cats.

If you've ever wondered what the proper way to treat elves was, Morris Bishop beautifully summarized it in a short poem. The more annoying you find the first few stanzas, the more you're likely to enjoy it as a whole.