Laboratory For
Advanced Systems Research

Welcome to the Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research.  The Laboratory is located in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  Our research focus is on active networks, network security, operating systems, file systems, distributed systems, and systems support for mobile computing and wireless networks.

The Laboratory's research programs are guided by:

Dr. Gerald Popek, adjunct professor at UCLA and CTO of United On-Line, a major Internet service provider.

Dr. Peter Reiher, adjunct professor at UCLA. Developer of system software for unreliable distributed environments for over fifteen years, including naming systems, replicated file systems, and systems for secure collaboration over insecure networks.

Current Laboratory for Advanced Systems Research projects include:

  The Conquest File System (Funded by NSF)
  D-Ward: DDoS Network Attack Recognition and Defense (Funded by DARPA)
  FLAPPS: Forwarding Layer for Application Level Peer-to-Peer Services (Funded by DARPA)
  SAVE: Source Address Validation Enforcement (Funded by NSF)
  Using IXA to Support Router Security Enhancements (Funded by Intel Corp.)
  DefCOM: A Distributed Overlay Defense to Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks
Past projects include:
   Panda: Peer Agent Negotiation and Deployment of Adapters (Funded by DARPA)
   File Profiling for Insider Threats (Funded by DARPA)
   Darwin: Improved Data Accessibility . . . (Funded by NSF)
  Travler: Transparent Virtual Mobile Environment (Funded by DARPA)
  Rumor: User-Level Replication
  ROAM: Replication for Mobile Environments
  Truffles: User-Level Truffles (Funded by DARPA)
  Ficus: The Ficus Replicated File System (Funded by DARPA)

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