Current LASR Project Members

The following individuals are current members of the LASR research group at UCLA:
Gerald Popek Principal investigator 
Peter Reiher Principal investigator
Janice Wheeler Assistant to the PI
Geoff Kuenning Consultant. Former graduate student.
Curently faculty member, Harvey Mudd College
Jaideep Dharap Graduate student
Kevin Eustice  Graduate student 
Vincent Ferreria Graduate student 
Scott Michel  Graduate student 
Jelena Mirkovic  Graduate student 
Nam Nguyen Graduate student
Greg Prier Graduate student
Max Robinson Graduate student
Matthew Schneider Graduate student
Venkataraman Ramakrishna Graduate student
Andy Wang Graduate student 
Adrian Abrantes System administrator
Arnell Pablo System administrator
Michael Burns Lab assistant
Tommy Tran Lab assistant


Former LASR [FMG, Ficus] Members

Monique Bennarosh  Assistant to the PI.  Retired in France 
Mike Connors System administrator 
Ashvin Goel Graduated (MS). Post doctoral at Cornell University
Michial Gunter Graduate student 
Richard Guy Associate technical manager.  With PCL Lab, UCLA CSD 
Noah Haskell  System administrator 
John Heidemann Graduated (Ph.D). Working at USC/Information Sciences Institue
James Jinkyu Kim Graduate student 
Jun Li Graduated (Ph.D).  Faculty member, Universtiy of Oregon
Ted Kim Graduated (Ph.D). Working at Sun Microsystems
Andrew Louie System administrator 
Wilkie Ma Undergraduate programmer 
Wai Mak  Staff programmer. Working in Hong Kong 
Sugata Mukhopadhyay  Graduated (MS)
Darin O'Rand  Former graduate student 
Tom Page Co-principal investigator
SangHyun Park Graduate student 
Cheen Q. Qian Graduated (MS) 
Mohammed Rahman  Staff programmer. Working at TRW 
David Ratner Graduated (Ph.D). Working at Openwave Systems
Dieter Rothmeier  Staff programmer
Alexey Rudenko Graduated (Ph.D). Working at TRW 
John Saldanha Postdoctoral researcher
John R. Salomone Graduated (M.S.). Working at Global Crossing
Rahul Sharma Graduate student
Greg Skinner Staff programmer
Steven Stovall  Staff programmer 
Kai-Min Sung System administrator 
S. Suresh  Staff programmer
Mitchell Tsai Graduate student 
Jeff Weidner  Graduated (M.S.)
Sam Yang Staff programmer 
Mark Yarvis Graduated (Ph.D). Working at Intel Corporation

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Last modified: August 23, 2002