Papers Published by Peter Reiher That Aren't Yet On-Line

I haven't got copies of these papers on-line yet. Send me e-mail if you need copies of any of these.
Peter Reiher, Richard Guy, Kevin Eustice, Vincent Ferreria, Mark Yarvis, "Co-operative Adaptation Between End Points," Active Middleware Services Workshop, March 2000.

Thomas Page, Richard Guy, John Heidemann, David Ratner, Peter Reiher, Ashvin Goel, Geoff Kuenning, and Gerald Popek, Perspectives on Optimistically Replicated, Peer-To-Peer Filing, Software - Practice and Experience, Dec. 1997.
Wieland, F., Reiher, P., Jefferson, D., Experiences in Parallel Performance Measurement: The Speedup Bias, Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems, March 1992.

Wieland, F., Som, T., Wedel, J., Reiher, P., and Jefferson, D., A Critical Path Tool for Parallel Simulation Performance Optimization, Proceedings of the 25th Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Sciences, January, 1992.

Reiher, P., Fujimoto, R., Bellenot, S., Jefferson, D., Cancellation Strategies in Optimistic Execution Systems, Proceedings of the 1990 Distributed Simulation Conference, January 1990.

Reiher, P., Jefferson, D., Virtual Time Based Dynamic Load Management in the Time Warp Operating System, Proceedings of the 1990 Distributed Simulation Conference, January 1990.

Reiher, P., Wieland, F., Jefferson, D., Limitation of Optimism in the Time Warp Operating System, Proceedings of the 1989 Winter Simulation Conference, December 1989.

Hontalas, P., Beckman, B., DiLoreto, M., Blume, L., Reiher, P., Ruffles, J., Sturdevant, K., Warren, L., Wedel, J., Wieland, F., Bellenot, S., Jefferson, D., Performance of Colliding Pucks Simulation on the Time Warp Operating System, Society for Computer Simulation Distributed Simulation Conference, 1989.

Wieland, F., Hawley, L., Feinberg, A., DiLoreto, M., Blume, L., Ruffles, J., Reiher, P., Beckman, B., Hontalas, P., Bellenot, S., Jefferson, D., Distributed Combat Simulation and Time Warp: the Model and its Performance, Concurrency: Practice and Experience, August 1988.

Jefferson, D., Beckman, B., Wieland, F., Blume, L., DiLoreto, M., Hontalas, P., Reiher, P., Sturdevant, K., Tupman, J., Wedel, J., Younger, H., The Status of the Time Warp Operating System, Proceedings of the Third Hypercube Conference, ADDison-Wesley, 1988.

Reiher, P., Popek, G., Locus Naming in a Large Scale Environment, Proceedings of the 1987 Conference on Communications in Distributed Systems, Springer-Verlag Informatik-Fachberichte 130, 1987.
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