A List of Known Alpha-Rumor Bugs

Bug Number Brief Description Version
1 Rumor sometimes has problems with making the second or subsequent replicas of large volumes. The creation of the initial replica succeeds, but attempts to create later replicas fail with the message:

RunRecon returned with exit status 141.

At the moment, other than dividing the files into smaller volumes, we have no workaround. Dividing the files for an already existing Rumor volume will require you to unreplicate the volume and reorganize the files into sub-directories, since a given directory can only be in a single volume.

Alpha-Rumor 0.1
2 If you remove a file that is in conflict, subsequent reconciliation attempts will fail, with the inaccurate and uninformative message:

Multiple cooncurrent recons not yet implemented in Rumor."

Thus, don't remove files in conflict. Use rdominate to fix conflicts, until the next release. (rdominate is the preferred method for dealing with conflicts, anyway.)

Alpha-Rumor 0.1
3 Some volumes will enter a state in which reconciliation fails with the following message:

rfindstored fails in mkNewFfshareaLink"

If this happens to one of your volumes, rebuild it.

Alpha-Rumor 0.1
4 Name conflict semantics are odd, in the face of multi-way name conflicts. If you have a name conflict involving more than two different files with the same name, it's possible that at each replica all of the files except one will have name conflict extensions added to their name. The one which is left unchanged may vary from replica to replica. Because a file with the unextended name already exists, the generic resolver's e-mail instructions on fixing the conflict may not work. We have never seen a naturally occurring name conflict with more than two files with the same name at different replicas, but if one occurs, investigate it thoroughly before taking action on it. Generally, determine which of the suffix-extended files corresponds to each replica, select a preferred file to live under the name in conflict, move or remove all the others, and (if it isn't the file with the unextended name) move the preferred file to the shared name. Alpha-Rumor 0.1
5 There are bugs in the code Rumor uses to determine whether one replica of a file has seen updates from another version of the code. These bugs are only likely to be exercised when there are more than two replicas, particularly during the period before all replicas have learned of the new replicas. We have never actually seen these bugs exercised in normal use. Alpha-Rumor 0.1

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Last modified: July 2, 1996