1.0.1 Release

This is a minor release. It fixes various bugs related to new versions of Linux (RedHat 5). All previous release notes and documentation from the 1.0 Release still apply.

1.0 Release

  1. After installing rumor, you should add rumor's bin directory to your PATH and rumor's man directory to your MANPATH.
  2. If your mail program is not located in '/usr/ucb/mail', please edit resolvers/demo_resolver in your rumor home directory (i.e., /usr/local/rumor).
  3. The system-wide resolver list is not installed by either the source or binary packages. You can get the file rumor-resolver-list from our ftp site for use as a template. It should be installed in rumor's etc directory.
  4. Extraneous output from your .cshrc or other shell configuration file can cause rumor to fail. To test this, try the command rsh host date where host is the name of a remote host. If the output is not the same as the date command, you may need to modify your shell startup files.
  5. Rumor requires that bash is installed on your system as /bin/bash for some shell scripts to run.

Please send comments to rumor-report@fmg.cs.ucla.edu
Last modified: April 7, 1998