User-Level Truffles: Final Deliverables

User-Level Truffles is a research project funded byDARPA's Information Technology Office (ITO). It is a joint project between Trusted Information Systems (TIS) and the File Mobility Group in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

This page is a repository for the final deliverables for User-Level Truffles, whose project end date is 30 September 1997. User-Level Truffles was built on top of a user-level, distributed, replicated file system from UCLA called Rumor.

There are two final deliverables:

  • Download a copy of Beta User-Level Truffles
  • Download the final report for User-Level Truffles (a PostScript document).
  • For the system requirements and limitations of User-Level Truffles, see those for Rumor.

    Last modified: 30 September 1997