Mark's Random Projects

BOL Authenitcation

To use the public access ports (currently available in the Powell reading rooms), you must have a BOL account, and you must have software to
  1. Obtain an IP address.
  2. Authenticate with the authentication servers.
Once done, you have access to the backbone. It is my understanding that the BOL administrators provide the client software for WinNT and Mac clients. If you want to use any other platform, you have to do it yourself. Here are some hints.

DHCP is used to obtain an IP address. I have sucessfully used Yoichi Hariguchi's dhcp client (dhcpcd version 0.5) under Linux.

Authentication is accomplished through a custom protocol. I have written some Java classes which understand the required protocol.

These classes could be used to write a Java application that establishes and maintians authentication with BOL. Such an application does not exist ... yet. It is possible that I will someday get around to doing this ...