About Me

I am a current graduate student in English Literature. My areas of interest are medieval literature and the history of the book. I first took the GRE Literature exam in 2001 and scored at around the 50th percentile. I took the test a second time in 2002 and scored a 56th percentile. Obviously, this wouldn't do. I knew I was smart, but somehow my knowledge wasn't being adequately transfered onto a scantron sheet.

That's when I got serious. I made studying for the GRE part of my every-day life. I made tons of flashcards. When I took the GRE in 2003 I raised my score around 40 percentile points. I created this site to help people like me, who knew they really wanted to go to graduate school, but needed some help with one of the nastiest standardized tests out there. This site includes all of the notecards I compiled, the books I used, and the tests I took. It's not a sure-fire way of acing the test, but it certainly helped me.

Currently I'm finishing my dissertation and going on the job market.

This site was updated: 23, August 2009. All broken links are fixed and I added links to more books and the newest editions to the books already on the list.