What is Rumor?
Rumor 1.0.1 System Requirement & Limitations
Rumor Sources (Supported Platforms: Linux & FreeBSD 2.2.2-RELEASE)
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What is Rumor?

Rumor is a software package that allows users to keep multiple copies of their files synchronized on different machines automatically. For example, Rumor would allow you to keep one copy of your files on your desktop machine at work, a second copy on a portable machine, and a third copy on a machine in your home. Rumor could also be used at different sites across the country to share files, with each site storing its own local copy. Rumor will detect changes made to any files under its control and propagate the changes made at any replica to all other replicas. Rumor permits users to update any of their replicas freely, while guaranteeing that the updates will be properly propagated to all replicas.

Rumor works by periodically scanning the local replica of the files under its control to detect changes made since the last scan. Any changes are propagated to one of the other replicas, using one of a variety of methods for data transfer between machines. Rumor does not attempt to notice updates to its files as they occur, but uses information available to the system and its own saved information to deduce at some later time which files have been updated. Therefore, Rumor has no performance impact on your machine except during periodic scans to deduce updates.

Rumor runs as a purely user-level package. You need not make any changes to your operating system to run Rumor, install any form of loadable operating system module, link with special libraries, nor install programs with special privileges. All Rumor programs run under your own identity, with your normal privileges. You can install Rumor entirely on your own, without requiring the intervention of a system administrator. The installation process also does not require any special systems knowledge, beyond the basic ability to install software on the machine in question.

Download Rumor User Manual (PostScript) or (MS Word)

Rumor 1.0.1 System Requirement & Limitations

Supported Platforms: Linux Version 1.2.13+ & FreeBSD 2.2.2-RELEASE
Compiler: G++ Version 2.7.2+ and corresponding STL library (libg++)
Macro-Preprocessor: GNU M4
Utilities: Perl Version 4.0 or 5.002, GNU make, Imake, bash

Rumor 1.0.2 Sources

(Supported Platforms: RedHat6.0 Linux (Kernel 2.2.10))

Read the Release Notes
Download a Copy of Rumor 1.0.2

Rumor 1.0.1 Sources

(Supported Platforms: Linux & FreeBSD 2.2.2-RELEASE)

Read the Release Notes
Download a Copy of Rumor 1.0.1

Additional Information

A List of Known Bugs - Coming Soon
Bug Reporting - Coming Soon
The primary Rumor paper
The Rumor Home Page
The FMG Home Page

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